Bat House Abri pour chauves-souris

Help the Bats with this CWF-Approved Two-chamber Bat House!

Reduce mosquitoes while helping bats - one of the most beneficial mammals! We are offering a two-chamber roost that can accommodate more than 200 bats. This high-quality product comes in non-toxic plywood with cedar sides for added durability and lifespan. Specifically designed for a Canadian climate, the bat house is painted a dark colour to increase warmth inside the box when in  sunlight. The insert panels and landing strip are grooved, allowing bats to easily grip. All joints are sealed with non-toxic caulking. Dimensions: 64 cm (height) x 40 cm (width) x 10 cm (depth) (25 x 16 x 4 inches).
Each two-chamber bat house is handmade by The Naismith Men's Shed and varies slightly in appearance. If you would like to purchase a bat house and they are currently sold out, please add your name to our list so we can notify you when they are once again available.

Installation instructions and a bat house checklist are included along, with a guide on how to monitor the bat house for occupancy.

Download the bat house installation checklist
Aidons les chauves-souris avec l'abri pour chauves-souris à trois chambres!

Ces petits mammifères bénéfiques ont besoin de votre aide. Vous pouvez aider en installant un abri pour chauves-souris dans votre arrière-cour. Capable d’accueillir 200 chauves-souris. Dimensions : 61 cm X 71 cm

Consultez la liste de vérification d'installation d'abris pour chauves-souris

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